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What is soccerforecast?

In this web page you can find 1X2 probabilities of upcoming matches from major leagues of Europe. These estimations are calculated by a computer program which has been developed since 2002. You can also see power graphs for teams and you can follow how your team is going. You can share all your ideas with development team.

You can make google search and see different topics at forums we opened years ago during development process. Currently we are at the 10th year of development and we decided to share these estimations with public. This program also makes different detailed estimations like calculating score probabilities one by one but we will only share 1X2 estimations because others are used in personal betting of our group.

How can I increase my profit?

In this job, it is importat to understant how games works or why the winner is always bet sites? It is all about probabilities. All results of matches have foreseeable possibility. For example think about flipping coins. There are two main case: head or tais. So likelihood of see the head side is roughly %50. For example suppose I offer a bet on a series of coin flips. For all head sides I will give you 1.5$ but i will take 1$ for all bets. With a simple mathematical calculation: (%50)*(1.5$) - (%100)*(1$) = -0.25$, you will understant that it is not a logic game for you even if you win, sometimes

Here is a dice game. It is simple to understand probability, risk and profit in this game.

You will start the game with 10 coins. To dice i will take one coin however if the dice come six i will give 5 coins.

Do you think will win?

Current number: none

How accurate these informations are?

You cannot make profit by only using valuebets (estimation given here x odd > 1.00 bets) but also you need to add your personal knowledge about teams, injuries ext. But these estimations are best a computer can do and of course you can get usage of them during your personal betting. In all web there is no better estimation program, our estimations are nearly same with bookie estimations which is decided by expert oddmakers.

In the flowing chart you see our success by observing the how many match end with a same result as soccerforecast said, with for every %5 probility.

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